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Child custody is a crucial aspect of family law that determines a child's residence and the sharing of parenting responsibilities.
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When reconciliation is no longer possible, a divorce assist parties in separating their assets and liabilities and determining how they might minimize impacts on children
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Restraining Orders

Family Proceedings can be stressful. Where stress is not controlled, it may be necessary to seek or defend against restraining orders either for Harassment or Domestic Abuse Allegations.
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Thanks to more than 30 years of successful client representation throughout Minnesota, I have gained a stellar reputation as a leader within family law community. Known for being more economically friendly compared to other attorneys in my field, my goal is to be the attorney that people are proud to work with. I recognize that working through legal matters can be stressful, with a great deal of uncertainty. We help put that stress to rest with direct, honest communication as well as the use of technology for organizing and strategizing throughout your case. Put my experience to work for you.


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Maury Beaulier

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I recognize that your divorce, custody or restraining order case is as unique as you are. Because of this, I analyze your case by productively and efficiently evaluating both the strengths and weaknesses to truly understand your story. After that, I take your story, along with my reputation for being an aggressive but reasonable, and communicate your truth to those who need to hear it — and learn from it — the most.

Actions speak louder than words. I became an attorney to help those in need when they need it most, even when that occurs outside of business hours. If I'm representing you, I strive to be available around the clock, no matter the circumstance. Additionally, attorneys are not always economically available to you. My reduced fees and consistent availability make it easier to get the help you need and deserve.

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Case Results

Underage Drinking and Driving

MINNEAPOLIS — An officer conducted field sobriety tests on J. Majors after pulling her over and determining that she was illegally under the influence of alcohol. Police then arrested and charged her with DWI and Underage Drinking and Driving. At a pretrial hearing, the officer acknowledged that the vehicle was not swerving or in any other way acting in a suspicious manner. Because the officer lacked the probable cause to stop Ms. Majors' vehicle, the Court dismissed all charges and reinstated her license in a later hearing.

—DWI Charges Dismissed After Pretrial Hearing

Sexual Assault

CHASKA, MN — After a hearing to address the ability of the alleged six year old child victim's competency, a plea agreement was reached to avoid any prison sentence. Jose Ramirez was charged with first degree criminal sexual conduct with maximum penalties of up to thirty years in prison and a presumptive sentence of twelve years. Based on the plea negotiations, Mr. Ramirez was released after serving less than one year in county jail.

—Up to 30 Years in Prison Sentence Avoided

Minneapolis DWI

MINNEAPOLIS — In 2007, Law enforcement officers received a call that a vehicle was driving erratically. Officers responded and stopped the vehicle without observing any driving conduct by the defendant. The reasonable suspicion for the stop was attacked by defense attorney Maury D. Beaulier and after a probable cause hearing on the issue, the stop was deemed invalid and the charges dismissed without a trial.

—Charges dismissed without trial

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Since 1991, I have represented a wide range of diverse and unique criminal defense cases. From DWI to sexual assault, it's become clear to me that using a cookie-cutter approach is not the best way to go about representing a client. What these cases do have in common, however, is the emotional and physical toll one can acquire while undergoing the process. It's my responsibility as an attorney to take some of that stress off your shoulders so you can focus on more important matters, such as spending time with your family or moving forward with your normal life.

It may be tough in the beginning, or it may seem like there's no end in sight, but if you work with the Minnesota Lawyers of St. Louis Park, you'll get the representation that you need and deserve. Things can get better — maybe not tomorrow or the day after — but my goal is to help you get there. It may be hard to believe that someone could be on your side, but that is what we are here for. If you give me the opportunity to help you through this troubling time, we will give you the opportunity to start your journey toward a better, happier life. Reach out today to schedule a free consultation.