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My husband lost a motion for reduction of spousal maintenance due to the fact that he never received the responsive pleadings and was unable to refute outright lies. We consulted multiple attorneys to help us with an appeal. Maury was kind enough to listen to our case and read the judgment. He provided a very thorough, although disheartening, analysis. When we get our next shot, we will definitely consider Maury for representation.



Happy Customer

Maury was thorough and straightforward. He's not your average 9-5 attorney, he will answer your questions and emails even during his private time and on weekends. I was most impressed with how knowledgeable he was in several areas, and I honestly don't think I would have won my custody case without him. I would definitely recommend him.



I made mistakes and didn't have a lawyer for custody or child support. I got the raw end of the stick by speaking too much to make myself look good. The support order had a ton of errors that made me pay more. Maury told me what to expect, and kept me informed along the way. My support amount was reduced to MN standards. It wasn't what I wanted, but he let me know the difference between what I want and what is LAW. Two different things. If you want a lawyer that will be straight up with you, even if you don't like what you Maury. If you want someone to lie and blow smoke up your butt so you pay them.. this isn't your guy. He will tell you what you are up against, and what a likely outcome will be. He was totally correct. Hire him before you create problems for yourself as I did. It will be easier than having to have someone clean up behind you. Thanks Maury!



Maury reduced his hourly rate based on my circumstances. The case was longer than I expected but I think it worked out best for our children. I would recommend him to anyone.



Maury was great to work with. I made a personal mistake, I contacted Mr. Beaulier that day, he answered my call immediately and all of my questions. He was respectful, very knowledgeable, and walked me through the process, eventually quickly resolving my problem. Ultimately, we were the first to walk out of the courtroom, having found a minimally invasive solution. Eventually, my mistake will be completely expunged from my record, thanks to Maury. If you are in need of an attorney, I highly recommend Mr. Beaulier.



Maury helped me get my daughters back in a custody case. In a stressful and difficult process, I achieved my goals and was very happy with my representation.



Maury represented my son in a juvenile criminal matter. It was our first experience with any court issues. I am very happy we hired Maury. Hopefully, we will not need him again ; )



Maury has represented me in a number of matters including a complicated contract issue where he was able to resolve it without wasting money and expensive litigation. He also represented a family member on a criminal case where the police were outside of their authority. That case was also dismissed.



Maury is a great attorney. He will represent you to the best of his abilities. Very aggressive in the courtroom. He represented me for a harassment case started by my daughter's mother in Anoka County. We lost of course but it's not his fault. The judge had already made up her mind before the trial started. Every harassment case brought before the judge that day was lost from the man's side. Fighting a harassment case is a complete waste of time if you're a man especially in Anoka County. So why only 4 stars? During the case evaluation, Maury stated it would be an easy win. When we lost the case, he blamed the loss on some new evidence which came up in court when clearly the judge had already made up her mind before we started. If you need a good aggressive attorney, he is the person to hire. If you're going to trial against a woman, you might be wasting your time and money no matter who is at fault.