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Can't Get Enough of Picking out Costumes and Dressing up With Your Kids?

Oct. 23, 2023

Love Halloween? Can't get enough of picking out costumes and dressing up with your kids? I feel you! But what about those custody and parenting time schedules?

For major holidays, the court order or agreement usually has a year on/year off schedule, so both parents get to share the joy with the kids. But what about those minor yet important holidays that aren't listed?

Imagine missing out on two years in a row of your favorite holiday just because it's not in the agreement. That's where things can get tricky!

So, whether it's Halloween, Valentine's Day, Boxing Day, Kwanzaa, or even Veteran's Day, you can actually adjust your parenting schedule to make room for these special days!

Don't let the mom or dad calling and calling to see the kids in their costumes be your Halloween horror story! if you're having issues with your parenting schedule, give us a call at 612-240-8005. We're here to help!