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Navigating Mediation: Tips for a Successful Resolution Process

Oct. 10, 2023

Are you or someone you love working through a situation using mediation? We know it can be stressful Here are some quick tips to help prepare:

  • Read over these mediation rules so you can know what to (generally) expect:

  • Be ready to make the first offer. The first offer often “anchors” the entire process, so have an initial offer in mind.

  • Share your thoughts if given the opportunity. When done in a respectful manner, it creates a connection and humanizes the process.

  • Confide in your mediator. Discussions with your mediator are confidential; use them as a sounding board for your feelings, fears, and negotiation ideas.

You may not need these tips now, but someone in your circle might. Feel free to share this info, and know that if you find yourself needing a mediator, we are here to help!