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Postnuptial Agreements in Minnesota: Protecting Your Interests After Marriage

Sept. 28, 2023

Attention married couples in Minnesota!

Did you know that even if you don't have a prenuptial agreement, you can still reach contractual agreements with your spouse regarding what happens upon divorce?

Introducing postnuptial agreements! These agreements are made after the couple is already married and can be a great way to address specific concerns or issues within the marriage.

In Minnesota, postnuptial agreements are generally valid if three criteria are met:

  • Disclosure: Both parties must provide full and fair disclosure of their earnings and property.

  • Counsel: Each party must have the opportunity to consult with legal counsel to ensure a better understanding of the agreement's consequences.

  • Fairness: The agreement must be fair and not overly favor one party over the other.

It's important to note that postnuptial agreements cannot control the rights that impact any children present in the marriage. Additionally, any agreement signed within two years of a divorce filing is void.

If you're considering a postnuptial agreement, consult with a legal professional to ensure you're following the necessary guidelines and protecting your interests.

Remember, it's never too late to address important matters in your marriage. Take control of your future and explore the option of a postnuptial agreement today!